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NetworkedHelpDesk.org’s mission is simple: create a seamless communication stream among multiple partners and suppliers to deliver an awesome customer experience.

Whether it is issue management, project management, customer relationship management, or customer support, a common need exists for any organization with multiple departments, partners, suppliers or, even, brands. How can they seamlessly share information to solve a particular issue quickly?

Today’s cloud-based software applications have held the promise to make this vision a reality. Nevertheless, to date there has been no uniform way for these disparate systems to collaborate with each other. Until now.

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Who should join this?

If you develop cloud-based software, then this open standards organization is for you. Members’ products may include ticketing systems, bug trackers, development trackers, knowledge bases, CRM software, and more.

Why should I join?

Your mission is to create products that enable organizations to deliver superior customer service. Your customers and their partners may be using a variety of different products in their support organizations. NetworkedHelpDesk.org develops & delivers the open standard API to deliver seamless support across disparate products & systems.

How can I get involved?

First, get in touch and tell us you want in. We’ll arrange some time to sit down a talk a bit more.

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Click here to watch a recorded webinar about the Networked Help Desk API and how it works in practice

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